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3 iPhone Apps for Marketers


As marketers, we have dozens of apps available to make our jobs easier – or perhaps a better word is possible, since staying abreast of things on the go is the name of the game these days.

With that, we’re going to talk about three apps we consider essential for every marketer’s mobile toolkit.

We’re sure this list will be expanded or changed as time goes by. But here it is. 3 iPhone Apps for Marketers. You might be using some of these already – if not, give them a spin!

3 iPhone Apps for Marketers

Google Analytics: now on iPhone

Google Analytics App for iPhone
Google Analytics

First on the list is Google Analytics – something no marketer can ignore. Two years after the official app landed for Android, the Apple devotees among us finally have our iOS version. And it’s been worth the wait.

Google’s UI design continues to shine through here. The app is pretty easy to use and navigate through, and presents data in an even cleaner and crisper way than its web-based cousin.

Everything you used to do there, you can do here just as quickly and easily. One glance will show you how your sites and landing pages are doing, along with details like peak traffic days and times.

No need to create custom reports – just look up what you need from individual sections, or from the menu itself.

Why use this? Because it’s Google Analytics, proper. Get rid of those third-party apps you’ve been using – this is GA’s full functionality in your pocket.

Feedly: the RSS feed reader

Feedly iPhone App

The next app we’re recommending is Feedly. Yes, RSS didn’t die with Google Reader (like the naysayers said).

It integrates seamlessly with desktop clients, browsers, and mobile apps. The iPhone version is highly customisable, letting you organise the display to your preference.

To get the most out of Feedly, subscribe to the Pro version. Feedly Pro lets you save and share interesting articles and notes directly with many different services – like Evernote, or social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why use this? Because, as marketers, we all need convenient ways to keep up to date – and RSS feeds are still good for fishing out things that matter from the deep blue sea of information out there.

Pulse: the content aggregator

LinkedIn Pulse iPhone App
LinkedIn Pulse

If RSS still isn’t your thing, there’s LinkedIn’s Pulse – not to be confused with the Pulse section in LinkedIn’s official iPhone app.

As a separate app, Pulse offers much more. Think of it as all your favourite magazines on one shelf – you can subscribe to categories (news, business, technology, etc), and have content from all the top websites in those presented to you Flipboard-style. Or just subscribe to individual websites that you frequent.

Not only does this make it easy to browse, you can share each piece of content directly.

Why use this? Because it means no more making your rounds all over the web for your daily read. And it’s a great, one-stop way to engage with LinkedIn content as well.

So there are our picks – as a marketer, what apps do you like to use?

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