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The use of video has been and still remains a strong medium through which to communicate your message. The success of YouTube and other UGC (user generated content) video sites where B2B marketers have launched their own channels show us that this remains a highly attractive and functional way to reach your customers, educate them about your products, and interest them in your brand. In this whitepaper we discuss why you should use video, the different delivery options available, how you can create your own case study using our step-by-step guide and we explain how real-world examples of video case studies worked to great effect for many businesses. Download for free here.


Do give it a read and share with us what your thoughts on the use of video for B2B marketing are below.


  1. Just had the conversation with someone from Cisco last week, and he quoted John Chambers: "Video will be 90 percent of the Internet network load." He also pointed out that John Chambers spoke specifically to opportunities in video during the Cisco Partner Summit 2009.

    • @Santo – that's going to be mainly due to proliferation of user generated video? How B2B organizations can take advantage of ever increasing traffic at sites like YouTube?

      • That's how the communication medium is evolving, I guess – less people read and more people watch. Increasing traffic at sites like YouTube is another important point B2B organizations should consider when drawing the strategy. Just like to raise their sites on top of competitor's, there should be a way of "Video Search Engine Optimization" too. Next whitepaper perhaps? 🙂

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