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Essential Resources for a Marketing Technologist


It wasn’t that long ago when we wrote about the growing relevance of the concept of a Chief Marketing Technologist or CMT. The topic was so hot that it even spilled over onto our beloved Twitter community, #B2BChat. You can still feel the left-over heat emanating from the conversations around our virtual campfire.

Marketing Technologist

The buzz initially reached its peak when great minds like Mitch Joel and Christopher Penn wrote must-read posts on the topic and it ushered in a whole lot of talk especially among the people in the B2B community. In a sense, it reflects an important trend that is happening now which is the emerging need for people who can speak the languages of Marketing and Technology fluently and convincingly.

B2B Marketing Technologist?

It’s only natural (not to mention obvious) for us to get psyched about this because the idea of a Marketing Technologist translates very well in a B2B Marketing setting. Scientific methods and tools like lead-nurturing, marketing automation, landing page optimization, SEO, SEM and many more are all straddling the line between marketing and technology.

Since we are already aware of the basic premise, we believe that it’s high time that we address the fact that we need to have resources that will nurture the Marketing Technologists hiding among us. A conducive environment filled with helpful resources is one step closer towards the future where CMT-like professionals are the norm.

Tapping the available resources

What are the specific essential resources then that would nurture a B2B Marketing technologist?  Let me start things off by listing those that I consider to be essential.

1.) Blogs

2.) Podcasts

3.) Books

A combination of many things

Marketing Technologists are naturally curious towards both marketing and technology, are receptive to innovation and are always willing to learn something new. So, do check out the veritable goldmine above.

Do you know of any other relevant resources? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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