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Timely – an intelligent Twitter update scheduler with analytics


In the continuing maturation of the social media marketing world we’ve seen the emphasis increase on validating your marketing efforts with analytics. Keeping this in mind the folks at FlowTown have unveiled their latest offering – Timely. Timely is an twitter updater which is simple to use, fairly intelligent and gives you analytical reports of how your tweets are performing right down to re-tweets, clicks and reach.


Using Timely is a simple 2-step process. You add your tweets to Timely and it publishes them for you when they will have the maximum impact. Timely continually runs an analysis of your last 199 tweets to find the “perfect-time” for the posting of your tweets and as such is a self-improving process. For more details on just how it works you can check out their nifty explanation here.

Timely Analytics
Timely Analytics

The folks at Timely also have a pretty handy bookmarklet which you simply drag and drop onto your bookmark bar to allow you to easily add your tweets to Timely. For those with Bit.ly Pro accounts you can integrate your Timely account with your Bit.Ly account and cater for your custom Bit.Ly URLS (ours is B2Ben.to – sweet isn’t it?). They also helpfully provide Tweet suggestions for those users who want to give Timely a try but just might not happen to have anything tweet-worthy to say at that point and plans are in place for user collaborations.

Having thus far pleased me I will admit I am open to signing up for their Pro account but I do happen to have a small wish list. The first would be the option to enter the time of the update. Currently Timely works on 2 setting. You can either add your tweet to the queue or post within the next 30 minutes. That works for most instances but I sometimes need to tweet at a specific time, for example, right before we start our weekly Tweet-Chat (#B2BChat). The other thing on my wish list would for the folks at Timely to offer more than 9 posts (their maximum setting) per day. I can has more? Please?

On the whole I’d urge folks to give Timely a try. Just log-in with your Twitter account and let Timely auto-generate the analysis of your past tweets and off you go.

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