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#B2BChat on Stock-check: Fulfilled, Failed and False Promises of Social Media for B2B Marketing


Although we are still dabbling in several technologies and grappling with many issues, social media for B2B is no longer the shiny new thing.

B2BChatThat need not be a bad thing considering it has yet to mature. If you think back to where we were 2-3 years back, things have changed, and very quickly at that.

In this week’s #B2BChat we do a stock-check of fulfilled, failed and false promises of Social Media for B2B Marketing.  Get ready to talk about:

  1. How do you set your social media objectives? What are you looking to accomplish: brand awareness, lead generation/nurturing – a mix of all these, none of these or something else altogether?
  2. What platforms are working best for you – for content distribution / audience engagement, etc.?
  3. What platform(s) have disappointed you?
  4. How much do you know about your fans/followers? Do they engage with your brand?
  5. If you manage a corporate social media account, do you also maintain a separate “professional you” account? How do you balance the two?
  6. How you are measuring / monitoring social media ROI?

Join us this Thursday at 8pm ET (Friday Apr 15, 1am GMT) for a #B2BChat on Stock-check: Fulfilled, Failed and False Promises of Social Media for B2B Marketing. Follow @B2B_Chat for updates.

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About the author


For last 18+ years Anol is consulting hi-tech and telco clients (Cisco Systems Inc, IDC Asia Pacific, Lenovo DCG, StarHub, Dimension Data etc.) on behalf of GetIT, in the field of B2B marketing, digital marketing strategy, lead generation, demand generation, lead nurturing, social media strategy & implementation, and user experience design.

He is a regular columnist on the topic of B2B marketing in various print and online newspapers, such as Business Times, Straits Times, Marketing Interactive, Asia One etc. He is also the editor-in-chief of B2Bento.com, a leading blog about news, views and reviews of the B2B marketing space and social media scene in Asia. Anol has spoken as a keynote speaker at the major marketing conferences across the world including BMA (Chicago), Click Asia Summit (Mumbai), AdTech (Singapore), SES (Hong Kong, Singapore), MIS, SiTF and eConsultancy Workshops, etc.

In his previous life, Anol worked as IBM AS/400 programmer and information architect for web media.

He is passionate about harnessing the power of digital as an enabler, connecting people and ideas and driving innovation.

Specialties: B2B marketing, B2B Demand Generation, B2B Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Content Marketing, B2B Social Media Marketing, User Experience Design.


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  • nThis ultimate objective needs to have milestones that can be reached so the team can see some success along the way. If the only perceived success is signing the contract, the team may get discouraged if the process takes months (or years!) to complete. Informal meetings at trade shows, developing a strong pitch to show an understanding of the business or a social media conversation (not just a connection) can be set as meaningful milestones in the process.

By Anol
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