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#B2BChat – May 19, 2011: B2B Marketing Integration – The Holy Grail?

Inspired by #B2BChat LinkedIn Group member Howard Sholkin’s (@hsholkin) suggestion, this week’s chat sets about on discovering/establishing the holy grail of B2B marketing integration. We will discuss:
  • Are your B2B marketing activities (social media / PR / PPC Ads / content marketing) integrated / synchronized? If yes – how? If not – why? What are the roadblocks?
  • How can content marketing leverage social media? And/or can social media leverage on content marketing?
  • How can we integrate email / drip campaigns – with social media?
  • How can PR be integrated with marketing? What are the roadblocks?
  • How can marketing automation help to integrate? What are the speed bumps in the real world?


Join us as we share insights, experiences and actionable ideas on B2B Marketing Integration in this week’s #B2Bchat, on Thursday, May 19 at 8 pm EST (May 20, 8 am Singapore time, 0000 hrs GMT). [Suggested ways of participating: via hashtag #B2BChat using your favourite Twitter client; or at tweetchat.com using #B2BChat]
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Asuthosh has had an all-encompassing stint in GetIT, from projects to account management, consulting, business development and client relationships. His sense of storytelling coupled with Engineering background enables him to design marketing solutions and convey a wide range of information across a wide audience spectrum.

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