Infographic: Lead Nurturing in Plain English


Stop a B2B marketer in her tracks and ask what needles her most. Chances are it is those leads she’s worked hard to generate, of which a sizable portion are summarily neglected by sales teams. “That was a pot of gold right there!” she would retort. And she is right, almost. But she has a role to play in helping sales turn (a) lead to gold.

Cue Lead Nurturing: a systematic process to turn just leads to deals. In the B2B space, with complex solutions on offer and typically long sales cycles, lead nurturing takes on even greater significance and primacy among marketing activities.

Presenting “Lead Nurturing in Plain English”, a B2Bento original infographic. Download it for free here. We distil the key concepts of lead nurturing into a succinct, actionable, quick reference guide to help marketers tackle this tricky task with élan.

Lead Nurturing in Plain English - link to hi-res image

This work builds upon the excellent work by luminaries in the field and is released under a Creative Commons – Share Alike license. Feel free to share, distribute, localize and improve upon! All we ask is to drop us a note when you do so.

On with the alchemy then!

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Asuthosh has had an all-encompassing stint in GetIT, from projects to account management, consulting, business development and client relationships. His sense of storytelling coupled with Engineering background enables him to design marketing solutions and convey a wide range of information across a wide audience spectrum.

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