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Account-Based Marketing has been seeing a large increase in popularity lately. This is mostly thanks to the growing number of digital tools that make ABM much more effective than ever before.

It’s now highly sought after by B2B marketers, who want have a better way of reaching their customers. But despite ABM’s straightforward purpose—focus marketing efforts on accounts—getting it done effectively can get quite complex.

To help our fellow marketers better focus on enhancing their ABM campaigns, we developed the ABM ebook (a free download) to serve as a guiding tool they can use.

In our free ebook, you’ll learn why ABM is such an effective, and highly sought after marketing technique. The ebook also includes a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to start building an effective ABM strategy.

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Leo Boon Yeow
Leo Boon Yeow

As an ex-tech journalist, Boon Yeow is passionate about both technology, and writing—both of which he gets to do at GetIT. As a Content Producer at GetIT, he works very closely with the graphic designers when conceptualising campaigns. He’s highly dedicated to his work, but outside of work, his dedication to his family is just as high.


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Leo Boon Yeow By Leo Boon Yeow
B2B Technology Marketing Journal
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