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After 5 years of selling IT equipment and solutions, Chester came to GetIT to write about them instead. Pairing a long-time writing hobby with his experience on the corporate sales beat, he brings his own blend of storytelling to our clients and audiences.

Recharging B2B Blogging in 3 Steps


Small wonder that 80% of North America’s B2B marketers (as surveyed by CMI and MarketingProfs) blog as part of their content marketing efforts. Blogging is inexpensive, sustainable, and fully under one’s control – and that last bit tops all others.… Read more “Recharging B2B Blogging in 3 Steps”

Marketers Don’t Have a ‘Big Data Problem’…


…what they have is more like a ‘Fragmented Data Problem’. And perhaps it’s not just data that’s fragmented, but the very concept of big data for marketing as well.
Earlier this year, a study showed 54% of marketers have already… Read more “Marketers Don’t Have a ‘Big Data Problem’…”

Essential Resources for B2B Marketers


There is a wealth of marketing ideas, insight and knowledge out there, and we’ve made it a priority to subscribe to these different voices.
Books, blogs, and podcasts – here is our pick of essential resources for B2B marketers of… Read more “Essential Resources for B2B Marketers”

B2B Technology Marketing Journal
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