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Marketing Lessons from Microsoft @ E3


You’d think a name as big as Microsoft, or specifically a game console like the Xbox, would sell itself – hence, little need for any marketing sleight-of-hand.
But consumers are a fickle lot. And when they are also fans, and… Read more

Leads versus Demand: What Are You Generating?


Are you creating demand for your offerings, or for your content?
That’s the question Eric Wittlake asked some months back over at Content Marketing Institute: an interesting discussion about the seldom-acknowledged gulf between lead generation and demand generation. Semantics? Not… Read more

B2Bento Year in Review 2012


2012 saw several advances made in B2B marketing. B2Bento surveyed some of these and we feature a selection of our best from the year.  Thanks to all who tune in to us. Here’s to a superb 2013!
Infographic Cheat Sheet:… Read more

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